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Rubini’s daughter ready to make debut

Rubini in Manithan
Rubini in Manithan
Remember Rubini, the  actress who starred in many Tamil films in the late eighties ? Known mostly for her oomph factor. Rubini debuted as heroine in Tamil opposite superstar Rajinikanth in the 1987,  super-duper hit film Manidhan.
She went on to star opposite many leading heroes of her times including Kamal Haasan (Apoorva Sagodharargal) and Sathyaraj (Puthiya Vaanam). Born as Komal Mahuvakar, she changed her name to Rubini only for films. After remaining on top for a few years, she slid out of reckoning in the mid-nineties due to the onslaught of new heroines. She then moved to Mumbai, got married and settled in matrimony.
It now turns out that Rubini wants her teenaged daughter to pursue a career in Tamil films. Rubini’s daughter, whose name hasn’t yet been revealed, is said to be looking very pretty than Rubini did when she was young. As such, Rubini is said to be very keen in ensuring that her daughter gets to make her debut as heroine in Tamil films like she started off her career.
Talks are on with some producers and directors. It is further reported that till something is finalized in this regard, nothing will be revealed. Yesteryear’s heroine Radha has already launched both daughters, Karthika and Thulasi, in films. Leading heroes such as Arjun and Sarath Kumar have also brought their daughters to Kollywood. Rubini’s daughter only becomes the latest star-daughter to enter Kollywood.


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